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Our fruits and veggies come from a variety of national and international locations. Our products are cultivated in the most favourable conditions, with the highest safety and quality standards, to ensure that they are both healthy and delicious. Our tested for pesticide residue and organic product lines are also fully controlled to ensure that they meet our expectations and certification requirements.


Picking & Washing

All of our products are sourced from growers who comply with strict hygiene practices and ethical rules. Our fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of perfection. After being harvested, they are meticulously washed, and then they are quickly frozen in order to maintain their taste and nutritional value.

Sorting & Inspection

Sorting and inspection are considered to be among the most important steps in the handling process. Product quality and evaluation are fundamental aspects in the production of frozen fruits and vegetables. Eagle-eyed workers pick out and separate any products that are deemed to be less than perfect.


Packaging & Freezing

Before being packed and frozen, some fruits and vegetables must be pitted and sliced by machines. After this step, the products go through the quick-freezing process. Fruits and vegetables are frozen very soon after being harvested. They then travel to our packing facilities to be placed into retail bags. Our British Columbia facility both freezes and packs local fruits.

Quality Assurance

We are focused on delivering consistent quality. We package the majority of our products at our own facilities in order to control the quality. We run regular and random micro-biological tests and pesticide residue analysis on our fruits and veggies at our quality control lab in order to ensure that the products we receive meet our food safety standards.



Our products are only delivered to you after verifying that they meet our quality standards. We work with our clients and retailers to market our products in Canada, USA, Australia and Taiwan. In fact, Nature’s Touch packages most of the frozen fruits consumed in Canada. We package fruit under our own brands and for various private-label brands.


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We’re very thankful for what Nature provides. We are committed to reducing food waste to a minimum, and we work with careful respect of the environment. After all of the production steps, it is now time for you to enjoy our frozen fruits and vegetables. We hope they add color to your day. Bon appétit!

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