3 frozen-fruit-filled breakfast recipes that you—and your kids—will love!

Here are 3 crowd-pleasing recipes from the blogosphere that deserve a place among your family favorites.

All of these recipes can be made from frozen fruit to ensure everything is fresh until you’re ready to cook them up!

Mixed Fruit Breakfast Casserole by The Foodie Affair

Who said casseroles were just for supper? Not only do they please the whole family, they’re also easy to make! This breakfast casserole laden with fresh and frozen fruit—like mixed berries for example—over a coconut bread base will please everyone.

For the full recipe, click here

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls by Sally’s Baking Addiction

These delicious rolls are a great way to celebrate special occasions or simply get the weekend off to a sweet start. Your little ones will love helping with the frosting—and especially with the eating! The tangy taste of raspberry makes these treats irresistible, but they’re also great with a mixed berry blend, wild blueberries, or frozen cherries.

For the full recipe, click here

Breakfast Popsicles by Caramel Potatoes

This deliciously refreshing popsicle recipe is guaranteed to earn you top ranking on the “cool parent” scale. And there’s only 3 ingredients:

  • Your choice of frozen fruit
  • Greek yogurt (Find out why here)
  • Granola for a little bit of crunch!

 For the full recipe, click here

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