About us

Nature’s Touch was founded in 2004 by John Tentomas in his basement with his cousin Philip, packing the first order by hand from a small rented room in a warehouse. Nature’s Touch has since, in ten short years, won the private label frozen fruits accounts of all major grocery chains in Canada. Nature’s Touch is also a branded player, having secured the North American license to produce Welch’s frozen fruits in 2010 and operating its own brand, Nature’s Touch and Nature’s Touch Organics. Nature’s Touch has a portfolio of over 100 different SKU’s of frozen fruits, blends, smoothies, and vegetables, both in the conventional and organics spheres. Most of the frozen fruits consumed in Canada is packaged by Nature’s Touch.

Nature’s Touch is also in rapid growth mode in the USA, with multiple distribution points across both Canada and the US. We have three manufacturing facilities, two in Canada and one in the US.

Mission Statement

Bringing the highest quality frozen fruits and vegetables to our customers at a competitive price and providing consumers with a consistent quality experience every time.

What differentiates us?

Nature’s Touch maintains close, long standing relationships with the farms where we source our products. Every plantation from which we purchase has been audited for quality assurance. We source from all over the world, but mainly in North and South America, depending on the season. We secure a steady, reliable supply of high specs of commodities at the best price at any time of the year and therefore maintain a stellar delivery record. Our sole, razor-sharp focus is on selling Grade A frozen fruits and vegetables to retail grocery end consumers.

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